Green Technologies Group Limited is located in United Kingdom with ISIN # GB00BP5XK757 and SEDOL # BP5XK75 for the purpose developing the next era of battery technology.

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The highest quality materials and assembled with the most advanced techniques available.

To meet the growing demands of electric vehicles, our product portfolio has been expanded to include a diverse range of solutions including Lithium Ion Battery cell technology.

What are lithium batteries made of?

A lithium battery is formed of four key components. It has the cathode, which determines the capacity and voltage of the battery and is the source of the lithium ions. The anode enables the electric current to flow through an external circuit and when the battery is charged, lithium ions are stored in the anode. The electrolyte is formed of salts, solvents and additives, and serves as the conduit of lithium ions between the cathode and anode. Finally there is the separator, the physical barrier that keeps the cathode and anode apart.


Working of the Lithium Ion Battery.

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We are developing powerful Battery Management Systems (BMS), which can monitor and regulate the detection of battery type, voltages, temperature, capacity, state of charge, power consumption, remaining operating time, charging cycles. Our BMS is mainly designed for electric vehicles batteries can extend the lifespan of the battery pack.


Our battery charging networks are being designed to provide the fastest way to recharge an electric vehicle by supplying high power direct or alternating current. Depending on battery capacity and starting state of charge, research and designs are being to carry out to typically charge an EV to 80% in 20 minutes to an hour or even at faster rate.


With the increasing dependency on batteries, and the escalating cost of replacing batteries, instrumentation and software systems that can measure and test the cells is a cost-effective option. Our battery testing systems are aimed for exploring the Limits with maximum safety and evaluating energy storage.


We are developing compact and high-performance battery packs for EV installation. Protecting the performance, safety and longevity of the cells, our battery packs enable higher capacity batteries to be built up from cells, which is a good choice for all EV manufacturers to improve their performance of vehicles.

Extends the Life of Lithium Ion Batteries

We use a combination of mechanical and hydrometallurgical technologies to recycle the battery materials. Our industrial-scale, low-CO2 processes allow us to recover lithium, cobalt, manganese and nickel from the battery for reuse in the production of new batteries. Our optimised battery treatment processes are safe, sustainable, and efficient.

Your application, Our Solution.

From commercial buses to modern electric and hybrid vehicles, our battery products are specifically engineered for high energy or high power to meet the needs of any application.

Our Vision

Lithium-ion batteries: a pillar for a fossil fuel-free economy.

We’re destroying our environment at an alarming rate. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We need a technology that holds the key to move without burning fossil fuels. Green Technologies Group solve this major problem with the invention of the Revolutionary Li-Ion batteries The lithium-ion battery is the power source for modern electric vehicles and other electronic products these days and everyone has heard of lithium ion batteries, but what makes them so special is that each battery is made up of many smaller batteries.

Our Research and Development

Solid State Battery

Focus research and development into the next era of battery technology, glass battery which are etched with sodium or lithium. Preliminary research has indicated that the solid-state silicate battery which can have many times the energy density more than currently widely used lithium-ion based batteries.

Smart Battery Management System

Smart Battery Management System that is capable not only of standard battery management function but also in predictive management that can monitor the load and the battery pack through real time data analysis to determine any potential component failures or potential malfunctions

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