Green Technologies Group Ltd. concludes joint ventures with lithium-ion battery manufacturers in the Far East.

Green Technologies Group Ltd (London) concludes a delivery contract with the world market leader for lithium-ion battery manufacturers from the Far East.

The agreement mainly includes the supply of lithium, in addition to a cooperation for production. As is well known, lithium is an elementary component of rechargeable batteries and accumulators. Green Technologies Group expects to expand its core competence in the technical area by collaborating in production with the world market leader. However, the focus is still on the mining of lithium.

The contract will initially run for ten years with an option for additional two-year periods. The expected volume will reach the eight-digit USD range.

“With this agreement, Green Technologies Group will focus on other strong investors. As a result, we expect an exorbitant increase in the value of our share. The demand for lithium continues to rise unhindered,” said S.K. Nayi, CEO of Green Technologies Group.

As a result of this joint venture, the IPO will be postponed. Green Technologies Group will communicate more precise data in this regard shortly.


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