Lithium Supplies

Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium, the world’s largest lithium mining company.  They are the only company in the industry that has the commercial-scale technologies to extract lithium from brine, ore, and recycled materials.

Ganfeng Lithium Group covers a wide swath of the lithium battery supply chain, from lithium resource development, refining and processing

Ganfeng has a global distribution of resources, holding high-quality mineral resources in Australia, Argentina, Mexico, and in China.

CategorySegmentNameLocationMain Business
Upstream Resource mining Ningdu Ganfeng Ganzhou, Jiangxi Spodumene mining
Upstream Resource mining Mount Marion Australia Spodumene mining
Upstream Resource mining Pilbara Australia Spodumene mining
Upstream Resource mining Altura Exclusive Sale AgreementAustralia Spodumene mining
Upstream Resource mining Cauchari-Olaroz Argentina Lithium extraction from salt lake (under construction)
Upstream Resource mining Mariana Argentina Lithium extraction from salt lake (under preparation)
Upstream Resource mining Sonora MexicoLithium extraction from clay ( ndue preparation)
Upstream Resource mining Avalonia IrelandSpodumene mine (in survey)
MidstreamMetal smelting Fengxin Ganfeng Fengxin, JiangxiMetal lithium products
MidstreamMetal smelting Yichun Ganfeng Yichun, Jiangxi Metal lithium products
MidstreamCompound deep processing Mahong Factory Xinyu, Jiangxi Production of compounds such as lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride, and butyl lithium
MidstreamCompound deep processing Ningdu Ganfeng Ganzhou, Jiangxi Battery grade lithium carbonate
Downstream Lithium battery manufacturing Ganfeng LiEnergyXinyu, Jiangxi Lithium ion power battery and energy storage battery
Downstream Lithium battery manufacturing XinyuXinyu, Jiangxi Consumer electronics lithium-ion battery, secondary rechargeable battery
Downstream Lithium battery manufacturing Dongguan Ganfeng ElectronicsDongguan , Guangdong Polymer battery
Downstream Lithium battery manufacturing Zhejiang Funlithium New EnergyNingbo, Zhejiang Power battery, lithium battery, etc.
Downstream Lithium battery manufacturing Jiangsu Ganfeng PowerSuzhou, Jiangsu Power and energy storage battery pack, battery management system
Tianqi Lithium, the third-largest lithium miner, based in Chengdu, China. With resource and production assets in Australia, Chile and China, Tiangi is believed to have controlled as much as 46% of global lithium production in 2018. Tianqi Lithium is a global new energy materials company, with lithium at its core. Tianqi Lithium has world leading positions in its major businesses of lithium resource investment, lithium concentrate extraction and the production of advanced lithium specialty compounds. With resource and production assets located in the pre-eminent lithium regions of Australia, Chile and China, its fully vertical-integrated businesses ensure the Company is optimally positioned to partner with its international customers to support the long-term sustainable development of lithium-ion battery technologies for application in the electric vehicle and energy storage industries.
Lithium carbonate is an inorganic compound (Li₂CO₃) and is a colorless monoclinic crystal or a white powder. Tianqi Lithium initiated the concept of battery-grade lithium carbonate and took the lead in setting industry standards. Battery-grade lithium carbonate is the basic raw material for lithium-ion battery cathode materials and electrolyte materials. Its downstream applications include 3C products, electric vehicles, electric bicycles, power tools, energy storage systems, etc. It is also the basic raw material for nuclear industry and special glass products.